Games for Women’s History Month

It’s Women’s History Month and we’ve just celebrated International Women’s Day.

This is an important time to celebrate women across the world, and an opportunity to listen to, propel, and protect marginalised voices, and pledge to do better.

We thought it a good time to look back at some of the games we’ve worked on which highlight powerful stories with women – both as the protagonist and as the leading creative talent.


By Remedy Entertainment

Remedy’s Control is one of the finest games of the last generation (which recently got its big next-gen update).

Jesse Faden walks into The Oldest House, the central hub for the Federal Bureau of Control, where otherworldly threats are contained and investigated. Jesse enters a world that has been run by men for a very long time and, as narrative designer Brooke Maggs put it, she is a total contradiction to the Bureau – from the way she dresses to the ways she approaches and connects to the unexplained.

Along the way, Jesse meets the likes of Helen Marshall (Head of Operations), Dr. Raya Underhill (supernatural specialist), and of course Emily Pope (Head of Research), the latter of whom has inspired numerous slash fics and fan art with Jesse. She’s not just ‘the female protagonist’ in a world surrounded by men, but one of many women with their own confidence and expertise in this universe.

Control is a truly incredible confluence of talent across the board – its writing, sound design, voice performance, visuals… everything. It was a privilege for us at Universally Speaking to work with Remedy and 505 Games on such an imaginative and unique title!

Available on: Xbox, PlayStation, PC

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

By Ninja Theory

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice was a smash hit from Ninja Theory in 2017, previously known for the likes of Heavenly SwordEnslaved: Odyssey to the West, and DmC: Devil May Cry.

Set in the 8th century, this is the story of a Pict warrior, Senua, whose Orkney homeland has been invaded by Vikings, who sacrificed her lover to the Norse gods. From there, Senua embarks on a quest to rescue the soul of her dead lover from Helheim.

The game has won numerous awards for its depiction of psychosis and is widely thought of as one of those landmark moments in video game storytelling, a truly unexpected experience that comes along and sweeps you away with something really quite special.

And this is a special game for us, too, because we worked on its localisation, translating it into twenty different languages – from Japanese, to Arabic, to Polish, and beyond.

Available on: Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Nintendo Switch

Fractured Minds

By Emily Mitchell

“I created Fractured Minds to help those who suffer from anxiety and other mental health issues feel they’re not alone.”

These are the words of Emily Mitchell, who, at 17 years of age, found solace from anxiety in game development.

Fractured Minds is a short first-person artistic puzzle game, a journey through the mind spread across six levels which are inspired by obstacles faced by people who suffer from anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses.

Available on: Xbox OnePlayStation 4Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam).

Priced at £1.79/€1.99/$1.99, this is a purchase you really can’t go wrong with.

Borderlands 3

By Gearbox Software

The Borderlands series has been around for well over a decade at this point and its latest instalment, 2019’s Borderlands 3, is one you don’t want to miss!

The cast of this game is filled with a diverse variety of women across the vast spectrum of sexuality and ethnicity – from two of its four playable characters, Amara the Siren and Moze, to its primary cast which has the likes of Lillith, Tannis, Tiny Tina, Maya, Tyreen, Moxxi, Ava, Ellie, and more.

Borderlands 3 also excelled in its commitment to Accessibility. Accessibility-focused review site ‘Can I Play That?’ gave Borderlands 3 a perfect 10/10 raring for mobility accessibility, writing; it set a whole new standard in the industry for the options that help all of us play together.

Available on: Xbox, PlayStation, PC

Alien: Isolation

By Creative Assembly

Alien: Isolation puts you in the working-class boots of Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver’s character in the films) and a smart and resourceful engineer who faces the galaxy’s deadliest danger: the xenomorph.

Amanda is seeking answers about what happened to her mother (following the events of Ridley Scott’s original classic Alien), and the character was lauded for setting a new standard of quality for how women are represented in video games back in 2014. She’s tough, smart, independent, and the mother/daughter dynamic is one that is far from commonly seen in the landscape of the industry to this day.

Available on: Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Nintendo Switch

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