INMOST – a masterful debut!

Lately, I’ve found myself really gravitating towards shorter games. Don’t get me wrong, I’m already eyeing up my next Dragon Age series replay, and I have a great fondness for all the games that want to take up dozens of hours of my time. But something I realised that’s been building up is that I’ve not been finishing any games…

I’ve since turned to playing and replaying a lot of games which offer 2-6 hour experiences. Sometimes, I really crave those more intimate, concise, memorable experiences with a defined beginning, middle, and end.

And that’s an itch INMOST absolutely manages to scratch!

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A love letter to Borderlands 3

Gearbox’s studio and genre-defining looter-shooter classic has been around for over a decade. Borderlands 3 released in September 2019 and I, like many, am still playing it religiously.

This week, we look at what keeps bringing us back to Borderlands 3 and how it keeps upgrading its awesomeness!

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Journey to the Savage Planet – a masterful debut

An alien planet fit for humanity to settle. An intrepid explorer. A heroic journey.

Journey to the Savage Planet is about none of these things.

In an action-packed year set to be full of games vying to become your hobby, Typhoon Studios has kicked off 2020 with the perfect debut – an endearingly earnest game that respects the player’s time and puts a unique spin on the familiar.

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