Games for Women’s History Month

It’s Women’s History Month and we’ve just celebrated International Women’s Day.

This is an important time to celebrate women across the world, and an opportunity to listen to, propel, and protect marginalised voices, and pledge to do better.

We thought it a good time to look back at some of the games we’ve worked on which highlight powerful stories with women – both as the protagonist and as the leading creative talent.

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INMOST – a masterful debut!

Lately, I’ve found myself really gravitating towards shorter games. Don’t get me wrong, I’m already eyeing up my next Dragon Age series replay, and I have a great fondness for all the games that want to take up dozens of hours of my time. But something I realised that’s been building up is that I’ve not been finishing any games…

I’ve since turned to playing and replaying a lot of games which offer 2-6 hour experiences. Sometimes, I really crave those more intimate, concise, memorable experiences with a defined beginning, middle, and end.

And that’s an itch INMOST absolutely manages to scratch!

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Kentucky Route Zero’s ‘multiplayer’ reminds us of how we used to share games with others

After seven years, Cardboard Computer have concluded their journey with the fifth and final act of Kentucky Route Zero.

This final instalment brings us multiplayer… sort of. It’s Kentucky Route Zero’s own very on-brand interpretation of the feature – nostalgic, reminding us all of how we used to build our own communities through the games we loved in a time before online play.

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Fractured Minds – Understanding Mental Illness through Game Design

“I created Fractured Minds to help those who suffer from anxiety and other mental health issues feel they’re not alone.”

These are the words of Emily Mitchell, who, at 17 years of age, found solace from anxiety in game development.

This week, Universally Speaking looks at how BAFTA award-winning puzzle game Fractured Minds is such a unique vehicle for promoting awareness of (and empathy for) mental health issues.

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